Chuck Grassley is a Liar

 Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said the court’s decision on Tuesday reflected the positive impact of the civil rights legislation and that the legislation was no longer needed.

“What it tells me is after 45 years, the Voting Rights Act worked,” Mr. Grassley said, “and that’s the best I can say. It just proves that it worked.”

NY Times, 6/25/13

Right, Chuck.  Racism is totally dead in America.

Fuck you, you asshole; your atavistic bullshit can’t die off soon enough.

There’s no way these people can be this stupid.  They know exactly how much the press will report, and that they won’t get called on this mendacious bullshit.  Fuck ’em.  It would take about half a second to point out that, you know, racism is in fact alive and well.

Not to mention…well, Chuck, if we don’t need the law anymore, then why ar eyou working so hard to get rid of it?  It’s not like we’d decriminalize murder if the murder rate dropped to zero, right?  That shit would still be wrong, and it would still be a crime.  

“It was a curious period.”


What you have here is some ginned-up bullshit between (white) wiseguys aiming to preserve segregation because, you know, it’s unfair that non-white people should ever have to be considered alongside whites.  


The problem we all live with

Angry white people are the reason this little girl had to be escorted to school by the Feds.  White people angry that they had to share.  But I’m sure our contemporary assholes think it was either all an exaggeration or since we have a black president racism is gone away forever and shutupdon’ttalkaboutitlalalalalacan’thearyou.  They might be able to keep a straight face about it, but without laws like these the country will drift even further back on all the important measurables of racial justice in this country–we’ll just follow the slower, poisonous Northern model instead of the atavistic Southern strain we’ve done such a good job of stigmatizing.  

But really, this is the part that made my simmering pot of anger boil over.  Get a load of thisfuckingguy, the smarmy-ass fuck.

But when asked why the drafters [of the 14th Amendment] created programs targeted to black Americans if they did not intend the Constitution to allow the government to use race to help minority groups, [senior constitutional studies fellow at the Cato Institute Ilya]Shapiro said, “It was a curious period.”

 “It was a curious period.”

Thanks for giving the game away, fuckhead.  If you find yourself on the same side of the argument as thisfuckignguy, well, you deserve more scorn than even I can humanly heap upon you.  But I will by-god-dammit fucking try.


I’m all for eliminating the Civil Rights Act in places where I’m confident local government will do its job and a cartel of white businesses won’t use coercion to discriminate against black people.

This is from a comment highlighted by Ta-Nehisi Coates at his place over at The Atlantic. Yes, it’s a very truncated quote, but let me give you the summation:  Dude is saying that when he’s sure people are following the law, we can repeal the law.

This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve read all month.

Why do we have to get rid of the rule, if everyone is following it?  Why does it bother you that a rule mandating equal treatment exists?  And why does it bother you so much that, in the face of its success, you feel the need to destroy it?  Without the law on the books to remind people, what’s to stop the same discriminatory behaviors from resurfacing?

Maybe the best counterexample to this sort of bullshit is the current Wall Street debacle.  Many felt that regulations could be relaxed, since there had been no financial catastrophes for 60-something years.  We relaxed them aaaaand….BAM!  Catastrophe!  Oh noes, how could this have happened?!

Arguments like the one highlighted above never take such considerations into account–it’s too inconvenient.  People have never behaved in the way he proposes they could, and they never will.  It’s why we have laws in the first place.  It’s also why this is such a frustrating article.  If we’re going to discuss fantasy worlds, couldn’t we talk about the last couple issues of Green Lantern or Xbox games or something?