“It was a curious period.”



What you have here is some ginned-up bullshit between (white) wiseguys aiming to preserve segregation because, you know, it’s unfair that non-white people should ever have to be considered alongside whites.  


The problem we all live with

Angry white people are the reason this little girl had to be escorted to school by the Feds.  White people angry that they had to share.  But I’m sure our contemporary assholes think it was either all an exaggeration or since we have a black president racism is gone away forever and shutupdon’ttalkaboutitlalalalalacan’thearyou.  They might be able to keep a straight face about it, but without laws like these the country will drift even further back on all the important measurables of racial justice in this country–we’ll just follow the slower, poisonous Northern model instead of the atavistic Southern strain we’ve done such a good job of stigmatizing.  

But really, this is the part that made my simmering pot of anger boil over.  Get a load of thisfuckingguy, the smarmy-ass fuck.

But when asked why the drafters [of the 14th Amendment] created programs targeted to black Americans if they did not intend the Constitution to allow the government to use race to help minority groups, [senior constitutional studies fellow at the Cato Institute Ilya]Shapiro said, “It was a curious period.”

 “It was a curious period.”

Thanks for giving the game away, fuckhead.  If you find yourself on the same side of the argument as thisfuckignguy, well, you deserve more scorn than even I can humanly heap upon you.  But I will by-god-dammit fucking try.