Oh, shit yes!  I had a subscription to Dragon Magazine back in the day, from sixth grade on through until I think my senior year of high school. Seven years?  That sounds about right…seven years of dungeon mastering tips and ideas, story seeds, plot devices, sweet pictures, monster ecology articles (loved them!), cartoons, short stories, and reviews.  The reviews were another favroite of mine.  It took a lot to push me out of my comfort zone into trying something new, but they had excellent reviewers who managed to prod my curiosity.  They recommended–or just referenced, which could be good enough for me!– lots of stuff that I’d only really discover years later.   I loved that magazine, and I’m really excited to see this coming back.


Saturday 1/26 1:30 PM

The Brooklyn Strategist

333 Court Street, Brooklyn NY (F, G to Carroll St)

A FULL DAY OF GAMING: DnD, Savage Worlds, Marvel RPG, more!