Neon Demon

the_neon_demonThis sounds super awesome.  The title is great too–it doesn’t even sound real, does it?  Neon Demon sounds like a fictional movie in a fictional universe; the kind of movie that a bunch of teenagers are planning on going to see in a slasher flick or something.  Now I want to watch Drive again.


ETA: And Cliff Martinez is in?  The soundtrack for this is going to be amazing.


February sucks for sports if you only like baseball and football.  They’re both too far away to properly enjoy.  But if you wanted to read an article about pitching…!bOYzpo

The End of an Era



Chone Figgins was a waiver-wire pickup for my fantasy baseball team in 2004.  It was my first attempt at fantasy sports, in a league run by my best friend.  The rules were weird, which made it fun.  There were some really crazy ones about starting positions, and Figgins’ skill set as a supersub allowed to play virtually any non-catcher non-pitcher position on a team.  He got a ton of hits and a ton of walks and a ton of runs by virtue of getting on base a lot.  He wasn’t the best baseball player, but he was an amazing fantasy baseball player for that league.  He became my fantasy baseball binkie–I picked him up or drafted him for virtually every incarnation of my teams.  We even won our league together in 2007!

So it’s sad to see Chone on the downslope of his baseball career.  He lasted a long time in the majors for a guy who was never a superstar.  There’s been some talk of putting a league back together, but it’ll be more than a little sad to miss a familiar face on the roster.