Roddy Bottum Wrote an Opera About Bigfoot

One thing that I think drew me to Faith No More when I was a teenager was how much they all just seemed like a bunch of weirdos.  Not like weird-for-weird’s sake weirdos—I could never stand that phony shit—but like people that felt totally free to follow their muse to whatever weird-ass place it wanted to go.  I respect that.  And it looks like time hasn’t dulled that for them at all.  Awesome.


This game looks almost more fun to pronounce than it looks to play.  It’s a strategy game that dates back to the Viking era.  I thought this set looked the best.  One force has fewer troops and has to break free of an encircling opponent, but the rules for victory are different for both sides.  It looks pretty cool.

Unico, AKA Uncut Nightmare Fuel

Unico.  This movie gave me nightmares, and haunted my memories for decades.  I think I saw it on HBO one afternoon when I was home, sick, from school.  For some reason I thought it was a Rainbow Brite movie, so I could never find it when I searched for it.  The image of people being transformed into those horrible dolls…it was too much for me.  Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I’ve finally found it!  And now that I’ve rewetted it…oh god, it’s even worse than I remembered.  Thanks, Internet.  Fuck you too.